On a pleasant, if slightly overcast Friday at Ashbourne Golf Club, the K2 Accountancy Group and the Rattray Parkin Group hosted their annual golf challenge. This much-anticipated event annually brings together employees, key customers and partners from both companies, fostering camaraderie, teamwork and friendly(ish) competition.

A Day on the Green

The day began with a hearty breakfast prepared by the fantastic team at Ashbourne Golf Club, providing the perfect fuel for the participants before they headed out to the course. With clubs in hand and spirits high, the teams teed off at 11 am, eager to showcase their skills and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the golf course. Despite a few spots of rain, the weather mostly held up, allowing everyone to focus and enjoy the game.

Rattray Parkin Group Triumphs Again

We would like to offer begrudging congratulations to the winners: for the fourth consecutive year, the Rattray Parkin Group emerged victorious, demonstrating their impressive prowess on the green. The competition was fierce, but friendly, as always, with everyone enjoying the challenge and the chance to connect with colleagues and partners in a relaxed setting.

Charity Raffle for Parkinson’s Disease

Following the tournament, participants gathered for a raffle, with proceeds going to charities associated with Parkinson’s disease, a cause close to our hearts. The raffle prizes included a great bottle of rum (which was enjoyed later in the day), a signed rugby ball from our friend Rory Underwood, Nottingham Panther tickets in our hospitality box and a round of golf donated by the club. We are pleased to say we the raffle raised over £700, bringing everyone together to support a great cause.

Speeches and Gourmet Dinner

The evening festivities began with speeches from the managing directors, Kym Ellington of K2 Accountancy Group and Rob Parkin of Rattray Parkin Group, who both expressed their gratitude for the participants and team that made it a successful event.

Dinner was a culinary delight, prepared by our good friend, the renowned chef Pete Radford. The menu included:

  • Starter: Duck bonbons with an Asian salad and soy reduction.
  • Main Course: Marsala chicken.
  • Dessert: French apple and rhubarb tart.

These incredible dishes were thoroughly enjoyed by all, adding a touch of elegance to the evening.

Celebrating Success and Friendship

As the night progressed, guests continued to enjoy drinks and lively conversations, reflecting on the day’s events and the strong bonds between the two groups. The annual golf challenge is more than just a sporting event; it’s a celebration of teamwork, friendship, and the shared values that both K2 Accountancy Group and Rattray Parkin Group uphold.

We look forward to next year’s challenge and the opportunity to create more lasting memories together. Here’s to another successful year and many more to come!